About Us



  • To be a competitive and equitable company with solid growth.


  • To generate growth opportunities for the productive sector; communities, producers and companies.
  • To use the knowledge and experiences of the members of the company to provide healthy and nutritious food to a growing population inside and outside of Bolivia.
  • To contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the country, generating sources of employment and greater income of foreign currency.


  • Teamwork: within the company and with the entire agri-food chain: service providers, primary producers, clients and traders.
  • Formality: in all activities and operations of the company.
  • Compliance: with Bolivian internal regulations and commitments with our suppliers and clients.
  • Honesty: in communication and interrelation with people and companies.

Our contribution to society

  • We contribute to the growth of communities, producers and companies by marketing their production.
  • We make it easy for food to flow from producer to consumer.
  • We participate in the development of our economy: generating direct and indirect jobs, foreign currency and taxes.
  • We promote different sectors of our economy, such as: transportation, trade in supplies, financial services, among others.
  • We contribute to the growth of the country's agri-food chains and therefore of the country's food security.

Our team work


José Luis Landivar Scott

Vice-president / VP

Sergio Andrés Landivar Scott

Treasurer and General Secretary / CFO


Tatiana Scott de Landivar

Administration and Financial Manager

Anelice Rea Arauz

Administration Assistant